How to Legalize your Tulum Elopement


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While everyone loves a good elopement story, there’s more than just an Elvis and a ring pop required. Luckily for you, it’s all compiled in this nice and tidy list. If lists aren’t for you, consider a symbolic elopement instead. 

Symbolic Elopement

What’s a symbolic elopement? Basically, it’s just for show. With more emotions involved. You’ll go through the motions of the ceremony, get the beautiful photos and finalize the marriage when you return to the United States.

True Elopement

If you’re an all-or-nothing person and the ceremony needs to be completely legitimate the first time around, here’s everything you need to consider. There will be a little more investment of time and money, but when you return home there won’t be anything left to do except change your name. 

The “How To” List

So what exactly do you need for a legal marriage in Tulum? 

  • Passports, including copies, for both of you and FOUR witnesses 
  • Tourist cards (these are issued when you enter Mexico) 
  • Your birth certificates and copies 
  • Divorce or death certificates (You must be divorced for ONE year before re-marrying in Mexico) 
  • Blood test results, done no more than 15 days before your wedding day
  • Marriage request form 
  • Everything must be translated by a certified translator and notarized in Mexico. Then your ceremony must be performed by an officiant of the civil registry of the local municipality in Mexico. 

It sounds daunting, especially the blood test part, but the magic of having your dream ceremony will make it all worthwhile.

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