What to Consider When Planning a Tulum Elopement


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So you’ve caught Tulum fever, just like everyone else in recent months. With all-inclusive resorts, gorgeous scenery and only a short flight to get there, what’s not to love?! Especially when planning a destination elopement, this may be your jackpot. 

Things can be a little tricky with COVID regulations just beginning to expire, so it may depend on your situation and comfort level. However, if you think Tulum is the dream destination for your dream nuptials, here are all the things to consider when planning. 

The Venue

First of all, let’s think of the venue. When you say “I do”, what do you imagine surrounding you? Are you barefoot on the beach? Maybe a traditional chapel with a foreign view? Or even the special wedding location at your resort of choice. Whatever your style, the rest can be built around the venue. 


With the growing popularity of Tulum as a vacation and elopement destination, there are many all-inclusive options that will take all the decision making stress off of your plate. If you opt for one of these, you can sleep and wed in the same place. Use all your focus on enjoying every single moment of this magical time.

Guest List

Once you’ve chosen a destination and venue, decide if you want a traditional elopement or to have guests attend. It’s truly at the discretion of the bride and groom, and there is no wrong answer. Decide how comfortable you are with asking for the cost of travel and go from there. 

Finally, make sure you have the perfect wardrobe for your incredible elopement. As a bride, you can’t go wrong with a white outfit for every occasion. As a groom, just make sure you won’t sweat through whatever you choose to wear. It is Mexico, after all. When you’re finally ready to make the leap, be sure to read my blog about how to make sure your marriage is legally recognized.

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